About Rad Dad Fitness

How we started

Rad Dad Fitness started when I realized that after becoming a dad I wasn't making my health and fitness a priority. I was very much focused on our new baby boy Parker. At first I didn't notice how out of shape I was becoming, but by around month 5 I clearly had gained some weight (15 pounds!) and I was starting to notice little ailments here and there. My back started to hurt randomly, my knees were getting sore and  I wasn't sleeping as well as I could have. And being a health professional for the last ten years, I was like "I need to figure this shit out!" I quickly realized that I was not practicing what I was preaching and I needed to make some changes. I was sure that other dads were having similar issues but when I did a quick google search I didn't find anything helpful.  I found a lot of advertising to purchase programs, but nothing actually useful. A lot of what I found were fad diets and get fit quick schemes. This led to me creating Rad Dad Fitness. I want this to be a place where Dads can come for workouts, fitness guidance, science based nutrition, and all the good stuff that comes along with a great program!   I'm just a dad trying to stay fit (who happens to be a personal trainer)  so I can continue to grow and play with my children. Oh and by the way, that 15 pounds eventually grew to almost 30! So I needed this and I am both excited and proud to share this with you!

Trainer BIO  – Hey there! My name is Randy Bochino and I'm the dad who created Rad Dad Fitness! I have been training for 10+ years and I have worked in all aspects of fitness throughout out my rewarding career. I have worked with collegiate athletes, I ran a scientific weight loss center, and I have many years of one on one and group training experience. I have earned a degree in exercise and health science as well as being certified through the American College of Sports Medicine as a personal trainer. I look forward to creating the path of Rad Dad Fitness and helping as many dudes as possible!

My Mission – My mission with Rad Dad Fitness is to create a resource for dudes to get back into shape or to get into shape. Rad Dads to me are fathers who want to stay fit enough to be able to participate in everything their kids do. Whether it's playing catch in the backyard, surfing, or just simply wrestling around without pain. Dads who want to stay healthy for their kids! And I'm here to help make that happen!